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Are you looking for an eco-friendly venue for your upcoming event? The Richmond Hill City Center is the place for you. As the first building in Bryan County, Georgia to become a LEED certified project building, the Richmond Hill City Center is ideal for meetings, weddings, family reunions, conferences, corporate seminars, military functions, exhibits and other events. It is the ideal spot for anyone seeking LEED certified hall rentals.

What does it mean to be LEED certified, and how does it help the environment?

The fact that the Richmond Hill City Center is LEED certified means that our construction was environmentally responsible and consumed resources efficiently. Our facility was also designed in such a way as to lessen its environmental impact by reducing water and energy consumption, using natural resources, recycling, and using green materials for cleaning and construction. It also has an excellent garden, complete with vegetables, which increases its environmental sustainability.

If you have never considered LEED certified hall rentals before, you will be surprised to learn how many benefits a LEED certified venue has. The building uses less water and electricity. Most buildings waste too much water from toilet flushes alone, but a green building is one that avoids that by collecting rain water to use for that, or making use of recycled water of some sort so as not to waste clean water for something that doesn't need it. And with eco-friendly cleaning and building supplies, green buildings cut down more on their environmental footprint.

Holding events in a green building can also benefit you. By choosing a LEED certified building for your event, you are showing your organization, clients or guests that you are environmentally conscious. Many organizations claim to be environmentally conscious. If yours is one of those, it is important to show that you are sincere in your eco-friendliness by holding your events in a LEED certified event center. This can also educate your guests about green buildings, potentially inspiring some of those people to make their own businesses more environmentally conscious. And because of the renewable energy in the building, your guests will be breathing cleaner and healthier air than they would in a traditionally built event center.

What is a Green Meeting?

A green meeting is a wonderful way to lessen your meeting's impact on the surrounding eco-system. Recyclable paper products, water service that does not come in a plastic cup or bottle, lighting and HVAC controlled rooms, and other green components that make up the meeting space turn it into a wonderful place to conduct a meeting. The clean air can help the meeting's productivity as well, much like going outside during a break helps. Potential environmental projections show that the Richmond Hill City Center will set the standard for the operations of future environmentally conscious buildings and facilities.

Other benefits of the Richmond Hill City Center

Other benefits to holding your event at the Richmond Hill City Center include the knowledgeable and friendly staff, and the beauty of the venue itself. Every member of the staff is able to answer your questions and contribute to your great experience, because this is an important part of the venue as a whole. And the beautiful surroundings make the Richmond Hill City Center ideal for weddings.

When considering LEED certified hall rentals, you will find that many of them are not as diverse in the types of events you can rent the space for, and are not as beautiful. And of course, the Richmond Hill City Center is the only one in Bryan County, Georgia so far.

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