Those who are looking throughout Coastal Georgia for the perfect facility to host their next event certainly want to investigate Richmond Hill City Center as an option. It is one of the premier venues in Savannah GA for hosting any event whether it is a wedding, a seminar, a corporate event, or even just a quick and intimate lunch. There are many different factors that come together to make this facility the perfect choice for any event.

Meetings and Events

Richmond Hill City Center can house just about any event on its sprawling grounds. It is well known amongst venues in Savannah GA for housing extremely beautiful weddings. It is important to know that it is also a great choice for those who are looking for the perfect place to throw a business event. This is because of the endless options of events that the facility can accommodate. If you want to have a large wedding or conference, there is a 4,000 sq. ft ballroom available. For corporate meetings or more intimate social events, there are 10 meeting rooms in the 20,000 sq. ft facility with a multitude of options to suit whatever needs may arise. All of these rooms are great options because, on top of the ergonomically designed chairs and tables, the venue also provides world class business technology resources. This includes complimentary Wi-Fi and state of the art audio and visual equipment. The food for any event can be tailored to meet any specific need and catering is available as well.

The Staff

The staff at Richmond Hill is one of the paramount aspects of its continued success with event planning. The event planners are highly trained and educated to help provide their clients with a stress free event during both the planning and execution. The catering, cooking, and serving staff at Richmond Hill City Center can tailor a menu to fit any event whether it is a 5-star dinner for a wedding or an intimate event with boxed lunches. There is a full menu available on the website.

The Venue

One of the biggest highlights of having an event at Richmond Hill City Center is the facility itself. The building is located on over 300 acres of serene natural wetlands. The facility itself is a two-story venue with over 10 meeting rooms, a full kitchen, and a huge grand ballroom. The staff at the venue is fully committed to helping the local environment by implementing a recycling program and having a huge garden on the campus itself. The cooking staff at the facility often implements regional cuisine and food in its meals. The facility is also environmentally LEED certified. When someone has an event at this facility they know that they are going to have a world class event with the smallest carbon footprint possible.


Another great aspect of the facility at Richmond Hill City Center is its location. While being seemingly secluded, the venue is located just 12 miles from the city of Savannah, GA. This makes it a viable option when compared to other venues in Savannah GA. For those holding multiple day events it can be a great option because it is just one mile from interstate 95 making many different hotel, dining, and entertainment options accessible to its attendees. The location, staff, and facilities at Richmond Hill City Center truly make it a world class option for anyone looking to throw an event of any kind in coastal Georgia.