One of the paramount goals of a corporate event is to relay information to a large group of people at once. There are a few aspects that help make that happen in the best way possible. One of the most important aspects of a successful corporate event is the venue in which it is held. Richmond Hill City Center in Richmond Hill, Georgia is one of the premiere venues in the state when it comes to hosting corporate functions. This is because of its versatility, size, staff, and environment. Richmond Hill is a world class venue that provides premier corporate event planning services to its clientele.

The Venue

One of the most important aspects of the corporate event planning that the venue provides is the venue itself. Richmond Hill City Center is also equipped to handle any event no matter what the size of attendance. The facility is about 20,000 sq. ft total. It boasts a huge 4,000 sq. ft room making it the perfect size for a Savannah conference center.  Also, there are multiple, smaller meeting rooms for an event of any size. The venue can help plan any event whether it is a corporate retreat, afternoon business meeting, training seminar, or even a sales pitch for potential customers. The experienced and knowledgeable corporate event planning staff at Richmond Hill City Center can fulfill any request and make any event world class.

Complimentary Services

While the Richmond Hill City Center is nestled in nature, it also boasts top-notch business technology services to its clients. This includes a full-service business center, free Wi-Fi, the best audio and visual equipment available. There is no kind of meeting or convention that cannot be held at this Richmond Hill and Savannah conference center because its available technology is not limited in any way.


When it comes to corporate event planning one of the most important aspects of the event is the food that will be served. Great food can drastically change the productivity and happiness of any attendee event. This is why Richmond Hill provides a fully customizable banquet menu to its clients along with a world class chef. This ensures that clients can have the exact food that they want served whether it be a boxed lunch on a break or a fully catered dinner. There are no limitations to the dining options that are available.


The venue is both secluded and accessible at the same time. It is located on 335 acres of historic wetlands giving its attendees the feeling of being secluded in nature so they can both properly focus on the task at hand and be comfortable at the same time. While the City Center may seem secluded, it is actually located just 12 miles outside of Savannah, GA and just 1 mile from I-95. Its location alone makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to put on a successful corporate event.

Those interested in planning their next corporate event in a serene and beautiful environment should investigate Richmond Hill City Center. The venue is endorsed environmentally and is LEED certified. The staff at the venue is committed to helping the environment and the community around it. There is a garden on site, a recycling program, and constant measures are taken to limit power usage on the campus. The Richmond Hill City Center is the best choice in the state for a stress free and successful corporate event. For the best Richmond Hill and Savannah conference center and corporate event venue, contact us at (912) 445-0043.